Word of the Lord: I Am Cleaning House

The Lord spoke to me last night, and this very morning about the US Presidential Election. I believe that Hillary Clinton will abandon the race due to health concerns. I believe that this is the straw that will break the camel’s back and ensure victory for Donald Trump.
I heard the Spirit say that this is symbolic of what the Lord is to do with the “system”. He is cleaning house. I saw a set of ten-pins, in a  bowling alley and the Lord said that He will steadily remove one king-pin at a time from office. He will be glorified through this, and will not share His glory with another. The time for redemption is now.
He showed me a tree, where the bark was being stripped off. He said, that He will remove those who have insulated the tree of corruption. He will remove the false covering of corruption and in so doing, expose the rot at the core of the tree.


Word: The First Two of Seven Judgements Restoring Justice in the Earth.

I received this word on the 6th of July 2016.


There will be will be seven judgements, to restore Divine justice and order in the earth. The first such judgement will see the judgement of mammon and the collapse of an unrighteous monetary and financial system. We will see the closure of many banks and a dramatic change in the way banks are run and operate. Credit will restore the lives of many and no longer be the ruin of people.


The second judgement will see a ruling by government of such magnitude that it will be considered a political and social “earthquake”.  It will send shudders through the USA and divide the nation from the South East to the North West. The nation will be divided because “Pro-life” will no longer be an option but law. The tide has turned!

Word: South Africa and the Red Dragon

I received the word of this word of the Lord March 30th 2016.

The Red Dragon of Marxism will arise in South Africa after a season of economic hardship in the land. I believe it to be the EFF Party. Racially motivated violence and attacks on white people will rise as well. White farmers will be particularly vulnerable as land claims will be issued for farms. There will be a season of Martial Law in the land. Economic hardship will continue but government and civil servants will live in comfort.

Word: Rise of Oil Prices

I received this word on the 31st of March 2016:

Iran will conduct a set of nuclear tests that will send waves of terror through the land. Donald Trump will respond with strength and an act of aggression. He will emerge as a a father to his nation.

The US will enforce the requirements of its treaty with Iran. Oil restrictions in the West will follow. Fuel prices will rise dramatically as will food prices. I heard the phrase: “Fifty cents to the Rand”. It will however be a short lived season of economic hardship as “The House of Cards” set up in the Middle East tumbles to the floor. I believe it will last no longer than 3 months.

Word of the Lord: Trump Will be President

I received this word on the 8th of March 2016, and posted it on Facebook on the 20th of March 2016. It sparked a political debate on my Facebook page, so I deleted it, because I do not have political aspirations, only to act as God’s messenger. Having given it thought, I wish to repost the word, for the sake of public accountability. So, a different forum then.

Donald Trump will be the next President of the USA. The Lord further revealed to me that Donald Trump has been judged by the sight of people’s eyes, and the hearing of their ears, and they have failed to see the heart of the man. The Lord spoke the following to me about Mr. Trump:

He has the heart of a true father, and will act as a father to the nation of the USA. He has the heart of a servant and will serve the nation in the office of leader. He will eradicate corrupt thinking. He will restore order and dignity through his election to the house and the Republican party. He is a good shepherd who cares for the sheep and is not a “Shepherd of Goats”. He has put his money where his mouth is, for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Liberty is important to him. He is a man who can transform a town into a city, so imagine what he can do with a nation. He does not get overcome by an occasion. He has a heart to maintain the integrity of a free market system, and protect the American Dream. Donald Trump is more humble and modest than he appears and the press has judged him by appearance rather than the condition of his heart. He has been down, and has been raised up again, and he therefore has sympathy with the down trodden. He will help raise up the down trodden. Donald Trump has a backbone of steel. He knows the value of rest and despite serving with vigor will not get burned out. He is a political archetype and takes to politics like a duck to water. Politics is not a means to corruption but a vehicle of service to the public. He believes in his heart that the building the wall is a safety issue rather than a racial / social consideration.




Word of the Lord: Judgement and Economic Collapse

This is the word of the Lord regarding a future economic collapse in 24 Months: Judgement is coming to the House of God as received on 17 March 2016.

The word judgement inspires fear, but judgement for the child of God is quite different than for the unbeliever especially under the New Covenant. I invite you to read my blog on Judgement and Justice posted on WordPress on 16 December 2015. In short, the judgement of God is the restoration of Divine order through the Government of God. In such judgement, God rules in favour of one party, at the expense of other. The judgement or ruling aims to restore that which was lost, or stolen thereby re-establishing Divine order and justice through God’s moral government. In light of this, there is no greater act of judgement than the crucifixion of Jesus, for it restored God’s standard of Divine order for the children of God. (Through Christ we get back that which we lost and that which was stolen from us).
I had a dream on the 17th of March 2016 which revealed the following word to the Body of Christ:
Judgement is coming to the house, to restore economic order and justice in the marketplace. Corruption has plagued the market place for years, and the ungodly have refused to turn from their wicked ways. God’s people are murdered and killed in the name of profit and the Lord is intervening by His own hand to restore Divine order in the marketplace and expose injustice. He will not be mocked and He has come to restore order and justice to His flock and house, by returning to them what was lost and stolen by the hand of the enemy. When this season is complete, commerce will again be as a Lotus flower – something pure that has grown from the carnage and pain of the economic collapse. The enemy has come into the marketplace and the Lord is raising a standard against him. The collapse is to be great, shaking all things and it will test the resolve of the believer and unbeliever alike. It will see economic collapse with global ramifications – the kind that the world has not seen before. It will however see the restoration of all things to the righteous in the marketplace. It will happen in 24 months.
In the dream, the Lord had released an elite squad of governmental angels to gather and position His people to survive the economic collapse. The same elite squad of governmental angels – imposing and fierce – were rounding up the remnant in each city and positioning them in a place of community where they may receive courage and strength from the Spirit for the pending economic collapse. It was here that I spoke the word of the Lord to the people that the economic crash was 24 months away. Initially, the recipients of the word laughed, but as time passed they realized that it was the word of the Lord. We all vowed to take courage and strengthen ourselves in the Lord, and to drink deeply from His Spirit for strength in that hour. Then, we sang: “I Need Thee Every Hour”. This indicates that survival depends on 3 things: Trust in the Lord, courage and hope.
Finally, after the dream, I prayed over the seemingly obvious interoperation and asked for confirmation. When I fell asleep again, I had yet another dream confirming the first. This time, I was not in the church, but in the marketplace, warning business owners and leaders of the pending collapse.
The Lord would often repeat a message twice to confirm that the dream is sure and true and that it will come to pass.
I had a further dream this very morning to release the word with “haste”. Amen