Word of the Lord: I Am Cleaning House

The Lord spoke to me last night, and this very morning about the US Presidential Election. I believe that Hillary Clinton will abandon the race due to health concerns. I believe that this is the straw that will break the camel’s back and ensure victory for Donald Trump.
I heard the Spirit say that this is symbolic of what the Lord is to do with the “system”. He is cleaning house. I saw a set of ten-pins, in a ¬†bowling alley and the Lord said that He will steadily remove one king-pin at a time from office. He will be glorified through this, and will not share His glory with another. The time for redemption is now.
He showed me a tree, where the bark was being stripped off. He said, that He will remove those who have insulated the tree of corruption. He will remove the false covering of corruption and in so doing, expose the rot at the core of the tree.