Quick On Your Feet

A relationship with God is a dynamic experience. It is ever-changing, and as soon as you think you have Him figured out, and everything is nicely compartmentalised, He proceeds to blow up the box that you so neatly put him in. The Spirit of God blows where He wills, and only those with quick feet and  a willing heart respond to His direction. Romans 8:14 captures this so eloquently:

“For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God”

I had such an experience today. i had been preparing for a financial melt-down for some months now. more to the point, I wanted to position myself to profit from changing market forces.Recently, I invested some money into something that I thought would bring me a charming return. And, I subsequently learned form my broker, that my investment had to date actually produced good returns. Today, as I was walking around in one of the busiest malls in Johannesburg, I thought to go have a cup of tea, and write my blog. When I sat down, God said that I was to put away the computer, because He wanted to chat  to me. I obeyed. Actually, I was relieved because I was thin on material.

What followed was the most personal and insightful conversation with my Lord. It is peculiar how we are often amazed at the depth of his knowledge of us – the ones He made. Anyhow, He told me to bail out of the investments I had made, and pursue another kind. This strategy is diametrically opposed to conventional wisdom. Again, I obeyed. When I phoned the broker, and asked him to do as the Lord had instructed, he asked me about my change of heart, because a day earlier I had issued a different instruction. My response was unrehearsed to say the least, in fact, it just sort of came out of my mouth. I replied: “Well, it is never about that money, but about relationship with God. It is about hearing His heart at every minute of the day, and responding accordingly”.

What grace to have a God sit you down and talk to you in the midst of the world’s noise and chaos. What grace for Him to stoop to redirect your life and align it with His highest and best for you. It really doesn’t matter if I make money or not – I mean that sincerely. The greatest gift today, was to have an encounter with Him, in the midst of the world. To have Him invade the minutia of my life and direct me in His ways is priceless. He moves, and blows where He wills. let us be willing in heart, and quick of feet to respond. Amen.


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