Sojourning 101

Abraham had a habit of building an altar to the Lord whenever he entered a new territory, or when he encountered God. I am encouraged to do the same  as a way of staking a claim for God both in the spirit, and in the natural realms. We who are born of God, consider ourselves to be sojourners on earth, with heaven being our true home. Our journey often takes us to unexpected places, often far from home.

Abraham was told to leave his home and go to a place which God would show him. During his travels, a famine in Canaan forced him and his wife Sarah to go to Egypt. Upon leaving Egypt, Abraham travelled South to camp between Bethel and Ai. Genesis 13:4 tells us that it was the very place where he once lived and first erected an altar to the Lord of Hosts. It is further written that he returned to call on the name of the Lord at this very altar, upon his return from Egypt.

Abraham never fails to inspire me through his relationship with God – it is truly a life worthy of imitation. As the story of our life unwinds and we travel this earth, it is essential to our faith that we always return to our foundations in Christ. The altars in our life are reminders of God and who He has been to us.  They are testimonies of his character and nature; and they are so interwoven with our own lives, that we hardly know where His story begins and ours end. We must like Abraham, return to these landmarks, if only to remind ourselves of the land He once gave us. It is in this land that we are secure in the faith, because the altars represent the assurance of who He was, is and will be to us who call on His name.

Perhaps circumstances has forced you take a turn in Egypt. Remind yourself of what the Lord has done for you,  and how in the past when you called upon His name, he answered you and met you in that place.



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