Worship: Recognition of Who You Are

I have long since believed that one definition of worship is: ” the recognition and expression of who God is”. It could be expressed through a simple verbal expression such as “God You are gracious”, or  it could be set to a melody. Either way, it gives expression to who He is, His character and nature.

If we were to apply this definition to our daily lives, the context or setting of our worship may change, but the manner will remain the same, in that it would always recognise and express His character, no matter how we express it. Let me explain. If you wash dishes for a living, and you know God to be a God of excellence, you could express the excellence of his character in the manner you wash dishes. Washing dishes has now become an act of worship. This sentiment is partly conveyed in Colossians 3:23, which reads: “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as if for the Lord rather than men”. The act of worship is then not confined to any act in particular; so long it truthfully represents the Spirit of God.

Genesis 22 sees the Lord ask Abraham to offer his only son Isaac on an altar. Abraham says yes to the Lord; and he agrees to offer Isaac to the One who gave him his very son. God had promised him this heir, and I am certain that Abraham believed his God would raise his son from the dead, if it came down to it. Genesis 22:5 captures Abraham’s words, just as he is about to depart with his son Isaac to the place where he was to offer him. The verse reads as follows:

“Then Abraham said to his young men, “Stay here with the donkey; I and the boy will go over there and worship and come again to you.”

Notice Abraham’s word choice. Worship. He and the lad, were about to worship God, and then they planned to return. Abraham knew God to be faithful and He was about to give expression to that through the sacrifice. Notice further how he says that they will be back. Abraham’s sacrifice, the act of trusting and obeying had become an act of worship, because He knew God, and therefore he did not fear. The way Abraham lived life was an act of rapturous worship worthy of imitation.

Worship dispels fear. In fact it mocks fear, because it recognises and expresses the Faithful Love that is God, which the word tells us drives out all fear. Today, I am challenged with a series of “what  if’s”. I choose to worship God today through the choices I make. My choices mock fear, and declare God is faithful. He is a Provider. He is my Provider. My choices further give expression to the fact that He is big, and that nothing is impossible for Him. And now to worship…..


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