Old Dogs and New Tricks

Noah was 601 years old when he stepped out of the ark. The Bible is not exactly clear on what his profession was during those years, but we do know that he was a ship builder, and that Peter calls him a “preacher of righteousness”. So we can safely assume that he preached, and built a ship.

Genesis 9:20 however, is very clear on what he did for the remaining 240 odd years on earth. It reads: “And Noah began to be a farmer, and he planted a vineyard”. Noah was 601, that is more than 2/3 of the way through his life, when he started farming. He just witnessed the destruction of every living thing on earth, and had to start anew. In the midst of this challenge, he finds the resolve to try his hand at farming. Not just farming but growing vines. (I can tell you from personal experience, that vines can be tricky). Noah was brave indeed.

I find courage in Noah’s story. He was not afraid at a late stage of his life to try a new thing. He embraced the grace that comes when God does a new thing. He hopped on the Grace-train of the Spirit, and decided that if God was doing something new, so would he. When God does something new, there is grace for us to do the same. We should embrace what the Spirit is doing, and let Him empower us to be that which we never even conceived of.