I have been reading Genesis of late. I have heard it said, that your favourite book in the Bible, should be the one that you are currently reading –  and so it is for me. It is a book packed with men and woman whose lives are worthy of imitation. Noah is an example of such a man. His obedience is one of his most excellent attributes, one most certainly worthy of imitation.

Genesis 6:22 reads: “22 Noah did everything just as God commanded him”. Short and to the point – Noah obeyed. This verse is repeated in Genesis 7:5: “And Noah did all that the Lord commanded him”. Noah’s obedience is metronomic. The Lord issues an instruction, and Noah doesn’t miss a beat, he just goes about his business – that is the Lord’s business. There are many people in the Bible who have received a Divine instruction or commission, and in most cases a dialogue or series of questions follow such a commission. Not so with Noah. In fact, I have not found a single bit of dialogue from Noah, which he directed at God. No questions asked. He simply obeyed.

The gravity and faith of Noah’s obedience requires some context. Noah was told to build a boat, in preparation for a flood. Firstly, it had never rained on the earth, (until then), let alone flood. Secondly, nobody had ever built ships on the earth – Noah was the first! And yet, despite all these “firsts”, there is no evidence in the bible that Noah questioned God. He merely did everything God commanded him to do.

Perhaps the secret to Noah’s obedience is found in Genesis 6:9. It says that “Noah walked with God”. He knew His creator, and his heart. And because he knew God’s heart,  Noah would move at a word from God. I pray that we may know Him, and obey Him in this manner. May we believe Him at His word and construct that which has never been seen before, in preparation for that which has never been done before.