Position, Position, Position

The three rules for buying property are: Position, position, position. The position of a property is the single most important factor in determining the sustained value of a property. This is a spiritual truth also. Positioning ourselves to encounter Christ, will determine the lasting value of our relationship with Him.

In Luke 19, Jesus passes through Jericho, and the chief of the tax collectors, a rich, but short man, by the name of Zacchaeus is keen to meet Jesus. In fact, the Bible says that Zacchaeus “sought to see who Jesus was”. This means that he was hungry to meet with Jesus and he went after Him. But, Zacchaeus being short, could not see Jesus above or through the crowd. Verse 4 tells us a great deal about Zacchaeus, his dedication and ingenuity – it reads: “So he ran ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see Him, for He was going to pass that way”. Zacchaeus was creative, hungry and humble. I imagine that it was no less humbling for a man of stature in the ancient world to climb a tree; than it is today. Imagine if you will,  a wealthy executive in a suit perched in a tree waiting for another to pass by. Well, it worked because, we go on to read that when Jesus passed that way, he took note of Zacchaeus, and told him to hurry, and come down from the tree for He was to dine in his house. As it turned out, Zacchaeus believed on the Lord Jesus and was saved!

Zacchaeus knew Jesus was to pass a certain way, and so,  he climbed a tree and positioned himself for an encounter. And, he received an encounter – more than an encounter in fact – Jesus came to his home! For many years the Lord has stirred me in the early hours of the morning, wanting to meet with me, but my wanting to sleep in for an hour or two, meant that I often missed out on encounters with Him. If I know that the Lord is coming to “pass by” my room at 3 or 4 am, then I need to make sure I am poised and positioned for such an encounter.

Zacchaeus was not only dedicated, but creative in his pursuit of Jesus. Who would have thought that you would meet Jesus in a tree! That’s the thing about freedom in Christ – it  allows for us to meet Him in a tree, without Jesus thinking you are out of your tree. Zacchaeus teaches us that it time to get get creative and think out the box in our pursuit of Jesus. Go for coffee with the Lord, or lunch. Invite Him to a movie or a round of golf, and I am certain that He will stop for you, as He did for Zacchaeus.