Send Me a Sign Please God

In Luke 11:14, Jesus casts a demon out of a man who was mute. As the demon was cast out, the mute began to speak. We read that the crowds marveled at this; and why would they not, for making a mute speak is a super-natural act of God.

What is interesting is the reading of verse 16: “Others, testing Him, sought from Him a sign from heaven”.  This makes me marvel indeed. Jesus had just cast out a demon, and made a mute man speak – in one swoop – and yet people ask for a sign from heaven! Did they consider such an act to be common-place? If this was not a sign from heaven, then what was it?

I have often been in situations where I have needed to see the hand of God manifest in my life. In these situations, I recall sometimes feeling distant from Him. Often, I simply needed His guidance in a matter, and the answer was not apparent. In these situations, I have also asked for God to give me a sign, to validate His presence, or to direct me in the path of His leading.

Today is the most gorgeous day. The sun is crisp, and warm; and the clear blue Highveld sky seems larger than ever. As for the few clouds; they are positioned like props on a set. In fact, they are so well placed in the sky, that there can be no doubt that the very hand that created them, strategically positioned them this morning. God gives us signs, and directs us in a number of ways. Recognising His hand, and learning the language by which He reveals His hand is neither cryptic nor cumbersome. The difference between seeing, or not seeing His signs, is often just a willingness to see Him. Moreover, we must sometimes be willing to let Him communicate and express His hand in the medium of His choice, rather than the prescribed expectations of our hearts.

Have a wonderful day. You are greatly loved by the Lord!


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