Who is Your Jesus?

ImageIn Luke 9:18 Jesus poses the following question to His disciples: “Who do the crowds say that I am?” They reply by saying that some say that Jesus is Elijah, some say He is John the Baptist, and some even say that He was one of the old prophets who had risen from the dead. Then, in verse 20 Jesus confronts His disciples by saying: “BUT, who do you say that I am?” Peter then answered, and said: “You are the Christ of God”.

What I find revealing is that Jesus poses this question to His disciples, just before He discloses His coming death and resurrection to them. The question then, comes as preparation to one of the greatest trials the disciples would ever face. We all face trials and challenges at some point. Some of these trials require supernatural intervention from a supernatural God. It is important to know the One to whom you have committed your life to, and what He is capable of.

Essentially then, the question that Jesus poses, is one posed to every believer. As is His custom, He cuts to he chase – dividing between soul and spirit – laying bare the state of our relationship with Him. In a world where everybody has an opinion on Jesus, it is essential to know what you believe, and why you believe it. Your faith, can not be shaped by what others say about Jesus, His character or His capabilities. If that were so, your faith is not anchored in relationship with Him, but rather the opinions of man. ¬†Ultimately public opinion and life’s circumstance will come to dictate His character and nature to you. Moreover the opinion and wisdom of man will become the roadmap by which you navigate the trials of life.

The drawing above is a simple “how to guide” to discover who your Jesus is to you. It starts with relationship. You need lay hold of His words with both hands. These are un-unwaivering promises. You need hold them dear in your heart, until they permeate every aspect and circumstance of life. His words become the string that direct your heart like water. And then, once His words are rooted in you, when you are confronted with life’s challenges, you need to remind your heart who your Jesus is through professing His word.

Be blessed!