Unity in the Home Begins with Unity with God

Yesterday, using Psalm 133 as a reference, I wrote about the blessings available to us, the Body of Christ, when we dwell in unity with God, and one another. The blessings flow from the Father, through Jesus Christ to us His Body. Today, I want to bring it closer to home.

Unity in the home, begins with unity with God. Let me explain.

Aaron, is mentioned in Psalm 133, as the one from whose head the blessings flow. Aaron was a priest  of God, and the blessings were meant to flow from his “headship”, to the nation of Israel  – those whom he served as priest. If the priest were to be separated from God for some reason, he would literally be cut off from the Source of all blessing, and as a result would not be able to impart any blessings to Israel. It goes without saying then, that the priest needed to be in unity, and right standing with God in order to minister to his flock and manifest the blessings of God. In the same way, the husband is the priest of his home. He is the head, and all blessings from the Father, should rightly flow from him to His family. Should the head of the home, not be in unity and right standing with God, then he could not command a blessing to his home. As I said, unity in the home, begins with unity with God.

The first step to living in unity with God the Father, (and to be in right standing with Him), is through Jesus Christ His Son. It is through His sacrifice and blood that we are cleansed from all (sin) which separates us from Father God. Through Jesus, we are born of God, so that we may be one with Him.

Tomorrow I hope to explore some consequences from choices, that the head of the home may make. And how they affect unity, and subsequent blessings.

Should you want an introduction to Jesus email me at: twotinsonayarn@gmail.com


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